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部品番号 LC78622E
部品説明 Compact Disc Player DSP
メーカ Sanyo Semicon Device
ロゴ Sanyo Semicon Device ロゴ 

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LC78622E Datasheet, LC78622E PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Ordering number : EN5467
Compact Disc Player DSP
The LC78622E is a CMOS LSI that implements the signal
processing and servo control required by compact disc
players. At the same time as providing an EFM PLL
circuit, a 1-bit D/A converter, and an analog low-pass
filter the LC78622E realizes an optimal cost-performance
tradeoff for low-end players by strictly limiting
functionality to basic signal-processing and servo system
functionality. The LC78622E signal-processing system
provides demodulation of the EFM signal from the pickup,
de-interleaving, error detection and correction, and digital
filters that can prove useful in reducing the cost of end
products. The LC78622E servo control system processes
servo commands sent from the control microprocessor.
• Input signal processing: The LC78622E takes an HF
signal as input, digitizes (slices) that signal at a precise
level, converts that signal to an EFM signal, and
generates a PLL clock with an average frequency of
4.3218 MHz by comparing the phases of that signal and
an internal VCO.
• Precise reference clock and necessary internal timing
generation using an external 16.9344 MHz crystal
• Disk motor speed control using a frame phase difference
signal generated from the playback clock and the
reference clock
• Frame synchronization signal detection, protection and
interpolation to assure stable data readout
• EFM signal demodulation and conversion to 8-bit
symbol data
• Subcode data separation from the EFM demodulated
signal and output of that data to an external
• Subcode Q signal output to a microprocessor over the
serial I/O interface after performing a CRC error check
(LSB first)
• Demodulated EFM signal buffering in internal RAM to
handle up to ±4 frames of disk rotational jitter
• Demodulated EFM signal reordering in the prescribed
order for data unscrambling and de-interleaving
• Error detection, correction, and flag processing (error
correction scheme: dual C1 plus dual C2 correction)
• The LC78622E sets the C2 flags based on the C1 flags
and a C2 check, and then performs signal interpolation
or muting depending on the C2 flags. The interpolation
circuit uses a dual-interpolation scheme. The previous
value is held if the C2 flags indicate errors two or more
times consecutively.
• Support for command input from a control
microprocessor: commands include track jump, focus
start, disk motor start/stop, muting on/off and track
count (8 bit serial input)
• Built-in digital output circuits.
• Arbitrary track counting to support high-speed data
• D/A converter outputs with data continuity improved by
4× oversampling digital filters.
• Built-in third-order ∑∆ D/A converters (An analog low-
pass filter is built in.)
• Built-in digital attenuator (8 bits – alpha, 239 steps)
• Built-in digital de-emphasis
• Zero cross muting
• Supports the implementation of a double-speed dubbing
• Support for bilingual applications.
• General-purpose I/O ports: 5 pins
• 5 V single-voltage power supply
• Supports low-voltage operation (3.0 V, minimum)
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Compact Disc Player DSP

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Compact Disc Player DSP

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