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ATUC128D3 Datasheet ( データシート ダウンロード )

ATUC128D3 機能 - 32-bit AVR Microcontroller - ATMEL

部品番号 ATUC128D3
部品説明 32-bit AVR Microcontroller
メーカ ATMEL 
ロゴ ATMEL ロゴ 

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ATUC128D3 Datasheet, ピン配置, 機能
High Performance, Low Power 32-bit AVR® Microcontroller
– Compact Single-Cycle RISC Instruction Set Including DSP Instructions
– Read-Modify-Write Instructions and Atomic Bit Manipulation
– Performance
• Up to 61 DMIPS Running at 48MHz from Flash (1 Flash Wait State)
• Up to 34 DMIPS Running at 24MHz from Flash (0 Flash Wait State)
Multi-Hierarchy Bus System
– High-Performance Data Transfers on Separate Buses for Increased Performance
– 7 Peripheral DMA Channels Improve Speed for Peripheral Communication
Internal High-Speed Flash
– 128Kbytes, and 64Kbytes Versions
– Single-Cycle Access up to 24MHz
– Prefetch Buffer Optimizing Instruction Execution at Maximum Speed
– 4ms Page Programming Time and 8ms Full-Chip Erase Time
– 100,000 Write Cycles, 15-year Data Retention Capability
– Flash Security Locks and User Defined Configuration Area
Internal High-Speed SRAM, Single-Cycle Access at Full Speed
– 16Kbytes
Interrupt Controller (INTC)
– Autovectored Low Latency Interrupt Service with Programmable Priority
External Interrupt Controller (EIC)
System Functions
– Power and Clock Manager
– SleepWalkingPower Saving Control
– Internal System RC Oscillator (RCSYS)
– 32 KHz Oscillator
– Clock Failure Detection
– One Multipurpose Oscillator and two Phase Locked Loop (PLL)
Windowed Watchdog Timer (WDT)
Asynchronous Timer (AST) with Real-Time Clock Capability
– Counter or Calendar Mode Supported
Frequency Meter (FREQM) for Accurate Measuring of Clock Frequency
Universal Serial Bus (USB)
– Device 2.0 full speed and low speed
– Flexible End-Point Configuration and Management
– On-chip Transceivers Including Pull-Ups
Three 16-bit Timer/Counter (TC) Channels
– External Clock Inputs, PWM, Capture and Various Counting Capabilities
7 PWM Channels (PWMA)
– 12-bit PWM up to 150MHz Source Clock
Three Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitters (USART)
– Independent Baudrate Generator, Support for SPI
– Support for Hardware Handshaking
One Master/Slave Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI) with Chip Select Signals
– Up to 15 SPI Slaves can be Addressed
32-bit AVR®

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ATUC128D3 データシート ( Datasheet )


ATUC128D3  ATUC128D3 データシート - ATMELThere are funtion for 32-bit AVR MicrocontrollerATMEL
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